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Volkswagen Design Center Potsdam

With the already-existing Design Center in Wolfsburg and the new Design Center in Potsdam, there are now two locations in Germany which shape the creative future of Volkswagen. The director of the Design Center Potsdam is Thomas Ingenlath, who was responsible for Škoda design until 2005. With an international team of more than 70 employees and numerous design projects, the brand profiling of Volkswagen is pushed forward in Potsdam. In an innovative design process which includes vehicle concepts, strategy, exterior and interior design, colour, and equipment as well as CAD and model building, representative design studies and visionary ideas are developed.

The Design Center Potsdam is situated in a beautiful landscape, and the cultural and historical background of the city Potsdam creates an attractive work environment. The metropolis of Berlin is in close range and has an inspiring affect. Perfect transport links to the Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg are also relevant for the work process.

Design is one of the most important competitive factors in vehicle manufacturing. More than 400 employees work in the design studios of Volkswagen all over the world, in Wolfsburg, Potsdam, Santa Monica, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai. The current design expresses that a new era of style and line has been initiated by Volkswagen. With a close look at details, Europe’s largest automobile manufacturer realizes a new dynamic optic and a stronger emotional branding of its vehicles.


Volkswagen Design Center Potsdam GmbH
Schiffbauergasse 17, 14467 Potsdam

Tel. +49 (0)331 - 55 03 - 0

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