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The Shipbuilder's Lane has become a modern place for contemporary culture and innovative business. However, as the historical buildings suggest, the location has an engaging history!

It was not before the beginning of the 19th century when Potsdam started to expand past its baroque borders. Additional residential and business areas beyond the city wall arose, part of which were the expansions around the Shipbuilder's Lane. Geographically, the Shipbuilder's Lane is located in today's “Berliner Vorstadt” on a small strip of land between Lake Heiliger See and Lake Tiefer See. Up to the 17th century, most of this area had no buildings and was called “Potsdam's stubble field”. But as soon as one century later, the Shipbuilder's Lane was in the midst of early industrial, at the time highly modern developments: in 1817, the Englishman John Barnett Humphrey began to build steamboats under the royal Prussian supervision, which is how the location received it's name; in 1819, the steam ship “Fürst Blücher” was launched at the Shipbuilder's Lane. With a length of 61 meters, it was the biggest steamboat at that time.

With the location's redevelopment at the end 20th century, buildings for events and production for art and culture were either newly erected or reconstructed and renovated for this purpose. In addition, attractive land and room for modern business could be gained.

Neolithic, around 3,500 B.C.

In 2002, archaeologists found a neolithic structure on the Volkswagen Design Center's construction site: a moat surrounded an area of several hectares, which was presumably used for religious celebrations. The trench marked the border between the sacred and the profane, between this world and the hereafter. The moat contained a 5,500-year-old battle axe made of green diabase, a valuable rock. This rare ritual artifact was probably sunk as an oblation. The site's discovery was spectacular as it was the first indication of this kind of construction in the state of Brandenburg.

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