Schiffsrestaurant "John Barnett"

On-board ship restaurant John Barnett

The on-board ship restaurant John Barrnett is permanently docked at the Schiffbauergasse and is a restaurant for everyone who appreciates good food and drink as well as reasonable prices.

The restaurant is open daily until midnight, even in winter, which makes it a perfect place to go after the theatre, whether for dinner, a snack, or just a glass of wine or beer. Our menu offers small and large portions, with and without meat, and is based on the Central European cuisine. Inside the boat you’ll find 80 seats, the separate Captain’s Lounge offers 35 more seats, and approximately 100 seats are outside on deck where there is an extraordinary view over Lake Tiefer See and Park Babelsberg. When the weather is fine, you can also observe the activities and development of the Shipbuilder’s Lane.

The ship was named after John Barnett Humphrey, a pioneer of steam navigation in Prussia. On October 12, 1815, he received the privilege to use steam engines to energize shipping vessels from the Royal Prussian Government. In Pichelsdorf, near Spandau, John Barnett Humphrey began to build his first steamer.

1817/18 he moved his shipyard to the place in Potsdam which is now known as the Shipbuilder’s Lane (Schiffbauergasse). The “Friedrich Wilhelm III” was the first steamer to be launched in 1818. Only one year later, the “Fürst Blücher” was finished, which was at that time Germanys largest steamer, at 61 meters long and 7.80 meters wide.

Prior to 2004, the ship John Barnett navigated the waterways of the Havel just like its predecessors. In 2004, for its new destination, the torso was reduced in length. It is now 20 metres shorter. It was also insulated and provided with gastronomy equipment.


Schiffsrestaurant "John Barnett"
Schiffbauergasse 12A, 14467 Potsdam

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