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museum FLUXUS +

The museum consists of an exhibition floor of more than 750 sq. meters, in addition to a foyer with a café, the art+life shop, an atrium, and another area for various exhibitions. This is a new cultural meeting point in Potsdam, direct on Lake Tiefer See.

A standing exhibition of international presentations in various mediums, including ceramics and photography, will be on the groundfloor. Artists such as Wolf Vostell, Emmett Williams, Ben Patterson, Nam June Paik, and many other artists from the 1960’s will be featured, as well as contemporaries such as Armand, Lebel, Christo, Niki de St. Phalle, Hains, Ann Noël, who complete the palate of latter 20th century avant-garde artistry.

The first floor will feature a cross-section of the life work of Wolf Vostell. Rather than exhibiting his gigantic work, the rooms allow for his smaller work to be shown, which nevertheless show his complete artistic spectrum and reflect on all sides his motto, “Life is art. Art is life.” The collection is full of works from Vostell’s younger years all the way to his last work before his early death, which encompass the Fluxus and Happening artists, painters, sculptors, graphic artists, composers, and video pioneers.

In order to maximize the interpretational possibilities of the maxim, “Life is art. Art is life” (Wolf Vostell, 1961), contemporary artists and their works will be presented, each in one room in FLUXUS +. The artists include: Constantino Ciervo, Hella de Santarossa, Lutz Friedel, and Sebastian Heiner.

Opening hours: daily 12:00 – 20:00


BSM excursion GmbH & Co. art + life KG
Schiffbauergasse 4F, 14467 Potsdam

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